Someone Made A LONG List Of Features Battlefield 2042 Is Missing Or Downgraded, And It Is ‘Not Short’

Battlefield 2042 has had a rough start and a very disgruntled yet observant Redditor has made a list of the features the game is missing or downgraded.

Rough does not even begin to describe the launch week that the latest instalment in the Battlefield series of video games, Battlefield 2042 seems to be having so far. Problems that include server issues, UI problems and some even reported that the game crashed on their Xbox consoles, seem to be plaguing the game.

Now, an observant and, need we say, highly unhappy player and Redditor has made a list of all that they found dissatisfactory about the newly released game in the Battlefield series of video games. And it is quite long and rather detailed.

The Redditor going by the username Jellyswim has made a list of all the features that has been “removed or downgraded” in Battlefield 2042. And the post has become one of the most trending threads on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit. In fact, it is currently the highest upvoted post in the subreddit and many on Reddit as joining in on the thread, lending their support, and some are even adding to the list, as well.

Some Complaints About Battlefield 2042, On Reddittor Jellyswim’s List:

- No standard server browsers.

— No persistent lobbies, i.e., the players have to matchmake after each and every game.

— No global leader boards.

— No smaller transport type vehicles, such as ATVs and bikes.

— Fewer gun choices.

— Fewer vehicle types.

— Fewer standard game modes, such as, team deathmatch.

— Several mobility issues.

— Technical issues, such as, less ultrawide monitor support, less controls and UI optimization.

— And a host of other problems.

It must be noted here that none of the features mentioned in the list are necessarily “missing”. It is quite commonplace for the developers to remove features that were present in the previous titles, from their subsequent sequels. It can be for a host of different reasons such as, budgetary issues, creative decisions or timeline constraints for the project. The removal of the features, however, does not mean that a game is better or worse for it. However, this list is just a stark reminder of how the Battlefield 2042 is from its predecessors in the Battlefield series.

Further in their post, Jellyswim writes that “Portal really is the saving grace but it’s a shame we have to rely so heavily on user-created servers to fill in so many of the gaps missing from the base game, and portal isn’t going going hold that status forever”.

Battlefield 2042 developed by DICE and published by EA is the latest in the Battlefield series of video games. The game has only just released and while some have found the game entertaining, most have been quite vocal about the problems in the game. Many have even expressed their concerns over the dropping quality and what it means for the future of the Battlefield series. Earlier in the week, DICE had released an update to address some of the issues that players have been complaining about that. However, the quality of the game as well as the gameplay remains, for the majority, highly unsatisfactory.

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Source: Reddit




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