Myth of Empires Delisted From Steam, Following Allegations Of Code Theft

The team behind Ark: Survival Evolved have accused Myth of Empires developers of source code theft.

The recently released sandbox game, Myth of Empires has now been delisted from Steam. This comes after allegations have been made by the development team behind Ark: Survival Evolved, that the source code of the game has been stolen.

According to the report published by PC Gamer, developers Studio Wildcard and publishers Snail Games, the team behind Ark: Survival Evolved have stated that the Myth of Empires creators, Angela Game was founded in 2020 by at least one former employee of Snail Games China, Studio Wildcard’s parent company, who had access to the Ark source code”.

Following the release of Myth of Empires, earlier in October, this year, it was noticed by the employees at Studio Wildcard, “identical gameplay mechanics, which felt went beyond the possibility of coincidence”. According to the claims made by them, it was reported that they have found “hundreds of matching class, variable, and function names in a preliminary analysis, which they say confirms that the Ark source code was used in Myth of Empires”.

Angela Game Denies Allegations Of Source Code Theft & Copyright Infringements Associated With Myth of Empires

In response to the delisting and the allegations of source code theft and copyrights infringements, Angela Game has issued a statement. You can read their statement in the tweet embedded below.

Regarding the rumours of involved parties in the delisting incident, please read this announcement.

— Myth Of Empires (@MythOfEmpires) December 8, 2021

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Source: PC Gamer




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