Major Battlefield 2042 Changes & Updates Announced By DICE

Major Battlefield 2042 Changes & Updates Announced By DICE

DICE has announced multiple major changes and updates will be arriving on Battlefield 2042 before the year ends.

Major Battlefield 2042 Changes & Updates Announced By DICE- Inner

Battlefield 2042 released officially on November 19, 2021. But even during the Early Access phase, before the game was released officially, the game was riddled with problems. And even after the official release, fans remained displeased with the game, complaining about downgraded and even missing features.

Battlefield 2042 has had a rough start and the title has received a large number of negative reviews. However, DICE, has taken note and decided to introduce some changes and updates to Battlefield 2042, before the year ends.

DICE took to a blog post, to ensure the commitment to Battlefield 2042 and the Battlefield series and promised that it will be “supporting and evolving it for years to come”. The post gives an overview of the changes to be introduced in Battlefield 2042, in this update, titled Update #2.


Reduced spread globally when zoomed and moving

Improved stationary zoomed accuracy for many weapons

Spread now decreases faster and earlier when pacing shots. This means more success with single-fire or short bursts.

Increased PP-29 vertical recoil to ensure that the weapon does not overperform when engaging outside of its intended combat range

Battlefield 2042’s Update #2 will be followed by yet another bigger update, Update #3 which will be launching in early December. The blog post then gives an overview of all the changes and updates it will be introducing in Battlefield 2042.

User Interface:

Improved the collection screens making them easier to use and clear as to what you’re interacting with

Improved the ways in which you’re able to manage your attachments via the collection screen to reduce the number of interactions you need to have when building your loadouts

Enhancements to our Player Card screen and End of Round (EOR) to provide additional polish

Added new markers to make your newly unlocked items easier to find

Improved screen transitions when entering and returning to the Main Menu

Improved Report a Player flows, specifically around toxicity and cheating reports

Matchmaking & Friends:

Improved the experience between EOR and the Main Menu

Improved Matchmaking reliability and reduced instances of Matchmaking failed

Improved Crossplay invite flows

Fixed Rich presence update issues, ensuring that your friends are better able to track where you are in Game

Addressed servers getting stuck in unresponsive game states, where rounds fail to properly start

Fixes to Friend Invitations for players on PC

Progression and Unlocks:

Introduction of weekly missions, providing set challenges that reward cosmetic unlocks.

Added 1st match bonus of 1000 HZC for HZ

Fixed an issue that was not properly awarding XP for Angel resupplies

Improved overall XP/Rank tracking and reliability

Improved Mastery rank tracking

Improved reliability of Player card tracking


Addressed a variety of visual flickering and stuttering issues

Improvements to water rendering when Aiming Down Sight (ADS)

Addressed multiple graphical issues affecting water reflections

Fixed reflections in Kaleidoscope for late-joining players

Addressed issue with character rendering for late joiners

Improvements to artifacts affecting DLSS implementation


Over 150 individual fixes, small changes, and improvements across all of our Maps

Improved level geometry issues across all levels addressing issues such players getting snagged or trapped

Resolved multiple spawning issues

Visual glitches such as lens flare, visible seams in skydome

Resolved a large number of collision and placement issues

Addressed issues affecting local audio placement in multiple Maps

Battlefield Portal:

Builder additions

— Rush game mode layouts for all 2042 All-Out Warfare maps (through Portal)

— New official Vehicle Team Deathmatch template

— New official Team & FFA Gun Master templates

— New official Infection template

— Rules Editor — Added the ability to detect what players were killed with in order to apply additional logic

UX Improvements

— Added Server Info for the Pause screen

— Added support for server admins to write periodic server messages

— Added support for reporting a server from the pause menu

— A series of visual, audio, and gameplay improvements to weapons, vehicles, and gadgets

Battlefield Hazard Zone:

Improvements to visual presentation of Hazard Zone currency system in Front End

Added an animation and audio cue when the player’s Remaining Balance changes in the Hazard Zone lobby

Modified Squad and Player Screen in Hazard Zone to only show your squad

Modified Scoreboard to no longer show players connected in Hazard Zone to elevate tension experienced

Improved extraction zone smoke visibility

Added additional flares to extraction point offering players better visibility of extraction area, as well as providing additional cover

Added variation in Hazard Zone to preplaced intel locations. Initial Data Capsules now have a chance to contain several data drives

Resolved an issue with persistent scoring in Hazard Zone

Improvements to the Intel Scanner’s accuracy and enemy identification

Resolved an issue where two teams could extract simultaneously in Hazard Zone

Resolved inconsistency in warning to alert players that they’re being scanned in Hazard Zone

Resolved capacity issues with intel collection in Hazard Zone

Made it easier to interact with intel pick-ups

Added distance read-out for next extraction point in Hazard Zone

Improved Hazard Zone end-of-round camera placement


Tuned information spamming in Conquest, reducing the amount of messages that appear in the world log. In particular we reduced messages about flag state changes so that they’re not as distracting


Tuned capture times for Breakthrough

Improved out of bounds defender spawning in Breakthrough to ensure that you’re able to more consistently spawn in safety

Improvements to Breakthrough’s UI to enable you to better track round progress in the form of a Game Mode Widget.

The Game Mode Widget is also visible inside the Scoreboard (displaying only when playing Breakthrough, and also on Rush) to put emphasis on sectors and attackers reinforcements

Elapsed time is now added and trackable in both the Scoreboard & Deploy Screen.

Added a pulsating effect on the Team 1 (attacker) score and progress bar when their tickets are =< 25% of their initial tickets. This is also present in the GMW in the HUD, Scoreboard and Deploy Screen for both Rush and Breakthrough


A fix for missing loadouts, sometimes seen when first loading into a server and seeing blank boxes on the deploy screen

Modified Recent Players screen to include everyone from previous match to allow for easier user reporting

Improved interaction point system. Switched the default “INTERACT” text on multiple interactions to reflect the action you are about to do, i.e. “OPEN CONTAINER”, “CALL ELEVATOR” etc.

Kaleidoscope server room lighting issue resolved

Resolved an issue related to the velocity / trajectory while spawning in jets

Improved helicopter animation in level fly-bys during insertion

Improvements to address an issue where players killed in vehicles would fall beneath level geometry

Improvements to streaming assets in deploy screen presentation

Dynamic World Improvements:

Addressed issues for VFX affecting late-joiners

Made improvements to correctly align the bridge behavior on Kaleidoscope for late joiners to the match

Made improvements to correctly align the destructive silos state for late joiners in Renewal and Orbital

Improved interaction of SG-36 Sentry Gun and elevators

Quality of Life fixes and improvements to interact prompts

Tornado and smoke visual effect improvements

Resolved a large number of collision issues with large scale animation events

Improved location-based sandstorm audio experience

Improvements to destruction audio

Adjusted the timing for automatic doors


Fixed issue where missile countermeasures sometimes didn’t work, causing missiles to not blow up and instead reacquire the same target

Made exit position from vehicles more consistent

Made improvements to controller vibration for vehicles

Fixed an issue where the Nightbird’s rockets hitting the ground can appear frozen

Fixed an issue where a player driving the Hovercraft can not be shot through the front window

Added an option to have vehicle boost as toggle or hold

Fixed an issue where vehicles took double damage when getting hit through glass

Improved TOW Missile Projectiles flying behavior

Balanced Nightbird minigun spread buildup and convergence

Removed blast impulse on Attack Helicopters Anti Vehicle Rocket which caused nudging of vehicles on hit

Fixed the F-35E Panther repair system ability missing from customisation

Fixed instances where vehicles sometimes would become stuck on world geometry

Gadgets no longer pause their cooldown when the player enters a vehicle

Fixed an issue when a player dies in a vehicle which allowed for the camera to go underground


Reduced spread globally when zoomed and moving

Improved stationary zoomed accuracy for many weapons

Spread now decreases faster and earlier when pacing shots. This means more success with single-fire or short bursts

Increased PP-29 vertical recoil to ensure that the weapon does not overperform when engaging outside of its intended combat range

Fixed an issue where spread would be too high when trying to fire while zoomed right after sprinting for some Portal weapons

Reduced effectiveness of the NTW-50 against vehicles

Fixed the 8X Scope having a faster ADS time than the others

Fixed M44 revolver chambering an extra bullet

Fixed an issue where soldier is unable to shoot after getting hacked while in a vehicle

Reduced switch back to weapon delay after throwing grenade


Added a UI list that shows nearby players that can revive you within 50m when downed

Added a UI list that shows incoming revivers when downed and pinged by a player that intends to revive you

When low on ammo or health, nearby friendly players within 50m will now show a resource icon above their head indicating that they can provide you with health or ammo

Increased Big Map Resolution for improved navigation

Added health bars on enemy vehicles and enemy soldiers when looked at

All player world icons now scale over distance, making them smaller when far away in an effort to reduce icons cluttering the screen

Time before revive completion is now visible for the downed player when being revived

Fixed an issue where friendly player icons would sometimes not be hidden when behind walls causing a lot of icons to be constantly visible on screen.

Fixed an issue where friendly soldiers are missing their blue UI icons when a player is in a downed state

Fixed an issue where some player names don’t show when looking at multiple Soldiers/Vehicles that are next to each other

Changed the visibility behavior of the fire mode icon in the HUD. By default, the fire mode icon is now visible if it is currently possible to change fire-mode. The behavior can be changed to allow the fire mode icon to always be visible (even if it’s not possible to change fire mode) or turned off. The option is called “Fire Mode Indicator” under “HUD” Options

Added an option that allows for the disabling of the button prompts visible in the HUD

Added message about which player healed you when getting healed by other players

Added message about which player shared ammo when getting ammo from other players

Fixed an issue where IFF markers on Squad Members do not change with colorblind option

Improved visibility of IFF marks over distances

Fixed an issue where IFF markers would not be visible when using low video settings


Fixed issue where Bots sometimes didn’t revive players

Improved Bots helicopter handling

Improved Bots combat behaviors

Improved Bots gamemode behaviors


Improved reliability of various ability sounds when offscreen, such as reiving, SOB-8 Ballistic Shield, flares, wingsuit, vehicle smoke discharges and system repairs

Switched lock-on warning sound with incoming missile warning sound

Improved weapon mix for enemies firing at the player

Generally tweaked content and mix for distant weapons, improving audibility at range

Preventing warning sounds and transmission sounds from continuing when a vehicle has low health

Sundance: Grenade Belt

Fixed an issue where the Sundance’s Anti-Armor grenade could get stuck circling in air after the targeted vehicle deploys counter-measures or attempt to target another vehicle instead

Adjusted the behavior of Sundance’s splitter fragment grenades to bounce once before detonating

Angel: Loadout Crate

Players that require armor and can receive it now have a white outline around them to indicate that the magnetism will throw the armor to the outlined player.

When using the Loadout Crate, players can now scroll if more than 4 loadouts are available

Visual effects and polish on destruction and despawning of Loadout Crate

The cooldown for the resupply action on the Loadout Crate is now shared between Loadout Crates

Added a unique sound when picking up armor

Player can hold down the specialist ability button to self-apply armour

Loadout Crate can now no longer be called-in when underneath tall buildings

Added a hand gesture animation when placing the Loadout Crate

Irish: DCS Deployable Cover

Fixed an issue where the DCS Deployable Cover Minimap Icon was not displayed correctly

Improved reliability of the DCS Deployable Cover’s deployable placement allowing placement on more angled surfaces

Dozer: SOB-8 Ballistic Shield

Fixed an issue where the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield didn’t block bullets when inside an elevator.

Fixed an issue where Dozer would not be targeted by Boris’s SG-36 Sentry Gun and AI ignoring the user while having a SOB-8 Ballistic Shield equipped.

Fixed an issue where players couldn’t enter vehicles while the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield was equipped

Fixed an issue where reviving is hard to perform while having the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield equipped

Fixed an issue where killing a player with the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield would also take the victim’s dogtag.

Fixed an issue where players were flung up in the air after being melee’d by Dozers with his shield equipped

Rao: Cyber Warfare Suite

Added a short grace period for Rao’s Cyber Warfare Suite when something occludes the target being hacked. This will help most frequently when trying to hack vehicles that may be driving in front of trees

Paik: EMG-X Scanner

Added a sound effect for the victims being scanned by the EMG-X Scanner

The EMG-X Scanner should now be able to spot targets above or below Paik.

Disabled the usage of EMG-X Scanner while inside vehicles

Fixed the EMG-X Scanner’s “target found” audio effect not working for targets beyond 20m

Casper: OV-P Recon Drone

Fixed an issue where user is unable to deploy the OV-P Recon Drone while in a prone position

Improved the visibility of Enemy Recon Drones; they now have lights making them easier to see

Players now switch back to their previous weapon after exiting the OV-P Recon Drone

Updated OV-P Recon Drone EMP hint message to clarify that firing requires a lock on

Increased the range of the EMP on the OV-P Recon Drone

Fixed an issue where Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone is sometimes unable to lock onto enemy targets

Increased the OV-P Recon Drone’s movement speed

Increased the OV-P Recon Drone’s hitbox size to make it easier to hit.



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