Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Now Available On LG TVs In 22 Countries

Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Now Available On LG TVs In 22 Countries

LG has brought the Google Stadia Cloud Gaming service on its TV before 2021 ran out, as it had promised.

Back in January, 2021, LG had promised that it would be making the Google Stadia cloud gaming service available on its TVs before 2021 ran out. And now, just weeks before 2021 did run out, the company has delivered on its promise.

LG has announced that it will be rolling out Google Stadia for its LG Content Store across twenty two countries, where Stadia is already available. This implies that now, anyone who lives in one of these twenty two countries and owns an LG TV (either LCD or OLED), that is running on the webOS 5.0 or the webOS 6.0, will be able to download the application.

You Can Now Access Google Stadia On Your LG TVs

If a user downloads the application, they will have an instant access to a gaming library consisting of over two hundred purchasable titles, along with a list of demos and free games that keep on expanding. Some of the games that the user will have access to, are, Hitman 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Resident Evil Village and many more.

The Google Stadia application for the LG TV will also make you eligible to sign up for Stadia Pro. This subscription will allow the users to play from a collection of thirty plus games as well as get their hands on additional content as well as other exciting discounts.

While LG is through this initiative keen to remind its users how wonderful gaming would feel on its latest TVs, the underlying and more important fact here remains that users will now be able to play cutting age games, from their homes, without the hassle of a high end PC or an expensive console. And while many are looking to subscribe to it, the fact remains that for some, this still remains the more favoured form of gaming, despite the expense it entails.

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