Eminem To Feature In Grand Theft Auto 6, As Per A New Leak

Eminem To Feature In Grand Theft Auto 6, As Per A New Leak

Eminem might be featuring in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, if a new leak is to be believed.

Eminem To Feature In Grand Theft Auto 6, As Per A New Leak- Inner 2

A recent leak from a certain Grand Theft Auto leaker, which if true, would also be revealing the first radio music that will be featured in the game, suggests that Rockstar Games have been working with Eminem for its upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 6.

In addition to that, if this leak is indeed true, it would mean that Rockstar is sparing absolutely no expenses when it comes to its latest game to be in development. Grand Theft Auto V, which had released back in 2013, has, till date, sold more than 155 million copies, across all the platforms and continues selling, even now. The only game that has ever sold more than that is Minecraft. So with the new upcoming sequel, the developers sure have their work cut out for them.

If this leak about the collaboration with Eminem is indeed true, this would not really be surprising. In the past too, Rockstar had collaborated with big names in the hip-hop industry. The studio has, in the past worked very extensively with the iconic Dr. Dre, who had even appeared on GTA Online’s latest expansion, The Contract. Artists like Kendrick Lamar too had featured in GTA V. And now, if Eminem features in the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto 6, things are sure to be epic!

As for the leak itself, a Grand Theft Auto leaker, going by the username MattheusVictorBR on Twitter (@mattheusbr9895_), has claimed that Odessa by Caribou, Domino Dancing by Pet Shop Boys, Disparate Youth by Santigold and finally, last but not the least, Numb by Rihanna featuring Eminem. However, if we are to believe in the past leaks about the new upcoming game, which claim that it would be set in Vice City, then the news songs that were revealed in this latest leak does not really make much sense.

Recently, Dr. Dre Had Featured In The Latest GTA Online Expansion, The Contract

Eminem To Feature In Grand Theft Auto 6, As Per A New Leak- Inner 1

According to MatteusVictorBR, these songs were already present in an alpha build of the game, dating back to 2019. The leaker has also claimed that there were already twenty different radio channels, in that build of the game. The leaker however, does not mention how they came across this bit of information. And with Rockstar making no comments about the same, we are only left to wonder the veracity of this bit of information.

While rumors surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 are a plenty, it is essential that we temper our excitement and take everything with a pinch of salt. It was only recently that Rockstar Games in a tweet, from their official Twitter account, confirmed that the next game in the series is currently underway. However, not much else has been revealed about the same, either.

And while we do love speculating on what might be featured in this new game, and when we come across a leak featuring Eminem, the anticipation does go up a few notches, we suggest our readers to treat this bit of information as a rumor and take it with a pinch of salt unless an official confirmation about the same arrives. In the meanwhile, we can only hope. And as always, we will be updating you with any new developments, as and when we come across them.

Numb By Rihanna Ft. Eminem To Supposedly Feature in Grand Theft Auto 6

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