BGMI Introduces Parental Control, Limits Gaming Time For Minors

BGMI Introduces Parental Control, Limits Gaming Time For Minors

Krafton is taking steps to ensure that BGMI becomes a better game for the minors.

BGMI Introduces Parental Control, Limits Gaming Time For Minors- Inner

Reports of mobile gaming addiction is on the rise, especially amongst the minors. The reports suggest that these minors spend an alarming amount of their time playing games, the most popular amongst them being games like PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

At a time like this, Krafton, the developers of the game have announced that they will be taking steps to ensure that Battlegrounds Mobile India, the rebranded version of their hit game PUBG Mobile, for India, becomes a better game for the minors. In order to do so, Krafton has announced its Game Responsibly campaign, to promote responsible gaming amongst the minors. This initiative has been started in the light of the alarming rise in the reports concerning the rising mobile gaming addiction.

Every player who has not attained the age of 18 or older, will need to register the contact number of a parent or guardian, to play the game. An OTP will be sent to the registered person’s number, which will be considered as a permission for playing the game.

Right before a game begins, players will get a message that the world that they will now be entering is just a virtual one. The in game audio further reinforces this message, as well.

By showing short videos, Krafton will be reminding its players to close the game and take a short break, at regular intervals.

Underage players will now be limited to a playtime of 3 hours, every day in BGMI.

In order to reduce overspending amongst the minors, the in game daily spend limit of ₹ 7,000, has been introduced. As soon as this limit is crossed, minors will not be able to purchase items, in game.

Krafton has also introduced several changes to the language as well as the graphics in BGMI for reducing the violence.

It is hoped that these new changes will bring a positive impact to the game as well as its players. Mobile gaming addiction is a very serious issue and a growing concern. It is hoped that more game developers and publishers come forward with such rules that encourage responsible gaming habits, especially amongst the minors.

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Source: Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)



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