Bethesda To Shut Down Its PC Launcher Come May 2022

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3 min readFeb 24, 2022


Bethesda To Shut Down Its PC Launcher Come May 2022 is shutting down later this year. Do not panic yet! Read on to find out what’s next for the users of the platform.

Bethesda To Shut Down Its PC Launcher Come May 2022- Inner

Bethesda Softworks announced, via a tweet, from its official Twitter account, that the video games publisher will be shutting down its PC games launcher, later this year. Don’t panic yet. The good news is that all of the users of the platform will be able to shift all of their purchases that include games, DLCs, in game items, virtual currency as well as remaining wallet balance, all over to their Steam accounts.

Starting from April 2022, players who are currently the PC games launcher will be able to start the process of shifting everything over to their Steam accounts. Some of these save files, however, will be required to be saved manually, by the players, to their Steam accounts.

The announcement states, “The migration to Steam will include your game library and Wallet — meaning you will not lose anything” from the users’ accounts. It however, further goes on to that “Many games will also have their saves migrated, with a few requiring some manual transfers.” More details about this migration process will be revealed later on.

As of now, users will still be able to play their games on Bethesda’s PC games launcher, up till sometime in May 2022, following which it will be shut down, and will be migrated over to Steam. And they will still be able to transfer all of their data over to their Steam accounts, even after that time. In the announcement, players have been assured that the users will be having “plenty of time to plan and begin migrating” everything over to their respective Steam accounts.

Microsoft Owned Bethesda Will Be Shutting Down Its PC Games Launcher Later In 2022

📣 ATTENTION PC PLAYERS: We are retiring the Bethesda Launcher and moving to Steam.

Here’s everything you’re going to want to know about what to expect and how to migrate your Bethesda Library to Steam:

— Bethesda (@bethesda) February 22, 2022

Meanwhile, the accounts will continue working, just the way they were. The announcement clarifies that these accounts would not be lost and will continue to exist. Moreover, the announcement goes on to elaborate that for their users, the accounts “will still be accessible on our website and in-game, and we will continue supporting all accounts with our future titles.” Check out the complete announcement by following this link.

A few things to note before we go any further, for now, at least, saves from Wolfenstein: Youngblood on will not be working on Steam. In addition to that, Fallout 76 players must take note that as of April 2022, Fallout 1st Memberships will not be renewing automatically. They will have to renew their memberships manually, on Steam, when their membership period expires. Once the migration to Steam is complete, the members will immediately get all the Atoms that remain due, for the remaining period of their membership.

So what does this migrating mean for PC gamers and the people who currently have an account on the platform? Well, for the PC gamers, it seems to be one less platform to be concerned about and finding more of the games that we love playing, all on just one platform.

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Source: Bethesda Softworks, Twitter